Filter know how

UV Protector - Protects lens from dust, moisture, scratches, and breakage.       

SKY 1-A - Popular general use protection filter. Absorbs significant amount of UV light. Slightly warm- tinted for better colors. Useful when shooting outdoors in shade and on overcast days.

Haze 1 - Reduces excessive blue haze caused by UV light by absorbing 71% of UV.  Great all-around UV control.

Haze 2A - Absorbs all UV light; reduces haze; maintains color and image clarity.  Best for high altitude and marine scenes.

Polarizer & Circular Polarizer - Essential for outdoor photography; deepens intensity of blue skies; reduces or eliminates glare.  Use circular polarizers for auto-focus cameras, as recommended by the camera manufacturer.

Warm Polarizer - For color imaging, a combination of exclusive Tiffen 812 filter and polarizing filter; warms skintones & scenics.

Ultra Pol® Polarizers - Available in Linear and Circular, the Ultra Pol filters are the most efficient filter yet for saturating colors and reducing glare.  

Neutral Density .3, .6, .9 - For all film types, color or black and white.  Absorbs 1, 2, and 3 stops, respectively.  Provides balanced exposures and depth-of-field control. Eliminates overly bright, washed out images. Great for video. 

Soft/FX® - Ideal portrait filter.  Softens and minimizes facial imperfections while retaining overall clarity.   Available in several grades. 

Warm Soft/FX® - Combines Soft/FX and Tiffen 812 warming filter. Smoothes facial details while adding warmth to skin tones (for color imaging). Available in several grades. 

Center Spot - Clear central area for dramatic focus, surrounded by ring of moderate diffusion to minimize distracting background detail.

Warm Center Spot - Combines Center Spot with 812 warming filter. Clear central area for dramatic focus, surrounded by ring of moderate diffusion to minimize distracting background detail.  Warms image for more vibrant results (for color imaging). 

Pro-Mist® - Most popular motion picture effect.  Creates special "atmosphere" by softening excess sharpness and contrast; creates pearlescent glow around highlights.  Great for portraits and landscapes. Available in several grades.

Warm Pro-Mist® - Combination of Pro-Mist and 812 warming filter. Warms (for color imaging) and softens. Gives skin a healthy, natural glow. Available in several grades.

Black Pro-Mist® - Similar characteristics to Pro-Mist, providing a more subtle effect. Less lightening of shadows and reduction of contrast. Available in several grades.

Warm Black Pro-Mist® - Combines Black Pro-Mist with 812 filter to include a warming effect (for color imaging). Available in several grades.

Black Diffusion/FX® - gives a silky-smooth look to textured surfaces.  Suppresses facial blemishes and wrinkles, while maintaining a clear, focused image.  The effect of the lighter grades is subtle, with the higher grades becoming gradually more noticeable, all capable of providing a beautiful image.

Gold Diffusion/FX® - takes the effect of the Black Diffusion/FX a step further.  Adds a soft, golden tint to shadows, and infuses images with a special warmth.  Balance any mix of skintones.   As grades increase, so does the diffusion, but the warm, golden tint stays constant. 

Ultra Contrast - Recognized by an Academy Award® for Technical Achievement, this filter series redistributes ambient light to capture details that would be lost in shadows. Lowers contrast evenly throughout image with no flare or halation. Available in several grades.

Low Contrast - Spreads light from highlights to darker areas; leaves bright areas bright; lowers contrast, mutes colors. Makes videos look more like film!   Available in several grades

Star Filters - Achieve dazzling star effects from any direct or reflected point light source. Add sparkle to water scenes, candle flames, product shots and more. Choose from a variety of exciting patterns.    

Hollywood/FX®  Star Filters - Exciting and dazzling star effects generated from original poit or reflected light sources with the added glitter and sparkle of these exclusive natural-looking asymmetrical designs and shapes.  Can be used in combination for limitless creative options.

Fog Filters - Adds drama to your scene by producing misty atmosphere. Lights flare, softens contrast and sharpness.   Available in several grades.

Double Fog - Creates the natural look of fog, especially on overcast days.  Available in several grades.  

Sepia - Creates a warm brown tone (for color imaging) for that old time feeling.  Grade 3 adds a light fog effect.  Available in 3 grades.

80 Series - Use with daylight film to shoot indoors, with tungsten lighting, without a flash, and achieve correct color in your image.

85 Series - For shooting tungsten corrected film outdoors. Produces natural colors in your images.

FL-D®/FL-B® - Provide pleasing skintones and corrects color under fluorescent lighting.  Use FL-D with daylight-corrected media; FL-B with tungsten-corrected media.

812® Color Warming Filter - Exclusive Tiffen filter. Improves color of all skintones; absorbs blue cast often caused by electronic flash or outdoor shade.  Adds warmth to pale, washed-out flesh tones. Ideal for portraits.

ENHANCING - Creates brighter, more saturated reds, browns and oranges with minimal effect to other colors. Ideal for fall foliage, earthtone rock formations, rustic barns, etc. 

Magenta CC05M, 20M, 30M, 40M, 50M & Red CC30R - Balance excessive green cast and produce creative effects.   Great for early morning tint.   These filters can be combined to achieve more density.  Use the CC30R to produce warmer or more accurate colors when shooting underwater photography or heavily green tinted glass.

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Tip zum Reinigen

Weichen Pinsel zum "abpinseln" des Staubes vom Filter zuerst verwenden oder Schlammspritzer oder anderen Dreck vorher mit einer Lösung aus Wasser und Fensterreiniger 1/3 zu 2/3 einweichen und ohne reiben und kratzen entfernen.

Dann mit einem weichen, fusselfreiem Tuch vorsichtig abreiben.  Immer von Innen nach Außen arbeiten.

Von Zellstofftüchern ist abzuraten. Diese sind zu Hart und  haben schleifende Wirkung. Brillenputztücher sind auch bedenklich.

Da gibt es riesige Unterschiede zumal die Zutaten nicht bekannt sind und das Coating lösne können. Besser ein wirklich weiches Mikrofasertuch (wie z.B: Visible Dust, Magic Cleaner Tuch), selbst die Fleccejacke Innenseite machts zur Not.

Beim Reinigen vorher den Standort gut überlegen, am Besten im Sitzen reinigen, denn wenn der Filter mal fallen sollte, fällt er so in den Schoß und ist nicht gleich kaputt.

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